Nationals no-hitter history looks back at every no-hitter in the franchise's history

March 15th, 2019

Since moving to Washington in 2005 from Montreal, the Nationals have gifted their fans with one of the greatest pitchers of this generation, Max Scherzer, and standout Jordan Zimmermann combining for three no-hitters. takes a look back at every no-hitter thrown in Nationals franchise history.

Oct. 3, 2015: Max Scherzer
Nationals 2, Mets 0

Just 3 1/2 months after throwing his first no-hitter as a National, Scherzer again showed why he’s one of the best right-handed pitchers of all-time by no-hitting the Mets at Citi Field. Scherzer became just the sixth pitcher with two no-hitters in a year, and the first since Roy Halladay in 2010. The right-hander also tied Nolan Ryan with the most strikeouts in a no-hitter with 17.

Scherzer became the second pitcher in franchise history to record multiple no-hitters, joining Bill Stoneman of the Expos.

The only Mets baserunner reached on an error in the sixth inning. To cap his performance, Scherzer struck out nine consecutive batters from the sixth inning until the end of the game. After the game, the Nationals sprayed beer over Scherzer in the clubhouse. Washington missed the playoffs in 2015, but Scherzer’s performance helped improve the season’s ending.

“You get out there and accomplish as much as you can,” Scherzer said afterwards. “When you start talking about [no-hitters], you don’t have words for it.”

June 20, 2015: Max Scherzer
Nationals 6, Pirates 0

Scherzer, in his first year with Nats, was one strike away from throwing the first perfect game in Nationals history, but the right-hander threw an inside slider that hit Jose Tabata’s elbow with two outs in the ninth inning. Many of the 41,104 fans at Nationals Park sighed, but Scherzer regrouped to throw just three more pitches -- racking up 106 pitches -- to complete his first career no-hitter.

The Nationals mobbed Scherzer on the infield before Scherzer raised his hat to the fans during a standing ovation. Ryan Zimmerman, Bryce Harper and Jayson Werth bathed Scherzer with six bottles of chocolate syrup during Scherzer’s on-field interview, a celebratory tradition the Nationals practiced in 2015, which Scherzer started.

After the game, Scherzer described his mood as “cloud nine.”

“It was unbelievable,” Harper said afterwards. “He’s as good as advertised every time he goes out there. He’s made for greatness.”

Sept. 28, 2014: Jordan Zimmermann
Nationals 1, Marlins 0

Zimmermann’s no-hitter was one of the most historic moments in franchise history, as it marked the first no-hitter since the team moved to Washington.

Steven Souza Jr. preserved the no-hitter. With two outs in the ninth, Christian Yelich hit Zimmermann’s fastball toward the left-center-field gap. Souza sprinted from left field and made a diving catch.

So, on the final day of the regular season, Zimmermann put the 35,085 fans at Nationals Park into a frenzy. The right-hander walked Justin Bour in the fifth inning and only allowed five balls to leave the infield. Zimmermann struck out 10 batters.

After watching Souza make the final out, Zimmermann threw both his arms into the air, and the Nationals dumped water on him. During Zimmermann’s on-field interview, Werth smeared whipped cream over his face.

“Even when I first got called up, I thought there was no way this would ever happen,” Zimmermann said after the game. “My career numbers are something like one hit per inning, so I figure if I can make it out of the first, the hit’s coming in the second. But today was one of those special days.”