Castellanos homers vs. Brewers (and A's too?)

Due to suspended game, HR hit as Tiger counts as player clubs one for Cubs

September 7th, 2019

Here's a riddle for you: How can a Major League Baseball player hit a home run for two different teams in two different games that are being played at the same time?

has your answer.

The Cubs' outfielder launched a solo homer off Brewers starter Zach Davies over the right-center-field wall to give Chicago a 1-0 lead in the third inning at Miller Park on Friday night. Meanwhile, in Oakland, the A's and Tigers were finishing a May 19 game that was suspended after seven innings at Comerica Park due to rain.

Castellanos was a Tiger when that game was started, and he hit a solo homer in the third inning of that contest as well.

While the A's and Tigers were concluding that May 19 game on Friday night, in Oakland, prior to the originally scheduled contest between the two teams, Castellanos went deep in Milwaukee. So he essentially homered in two games that were being played at the same time, for different teams in different cities.

Talk about being in two places at once.

The feat of playing in two different games simultaneously in this sense isn't unprecedented. There were at least 17 cases of this happening in the Majors between 1943 and 2008. On April 28, 2008, Ken Griffey Jr. played for the Reds against the Cardinals before that game was suspended. When it resumed that August, Griffey was playing for the White Sox.