Even big Coliseum can't contain Davis' power

August 14th, 2016

OAKLAND -- ' power simply cannot be contained. This, the A's have learned quickly about their new left fielder, who continually manages to dwarf the Coliseum.
Its confines are by no means small, yet Davis routinely makes it look like a hitter's park, as teammate noted Saturday night. Less than 24 hours later, Davis joined the 30-homer club with yet another blast at the Coliseum.
His two-run shot to left-center off of Mariners lefty in the sixth inning was perhaps eclipsed by Seattle's 8-4 victory, but its significance was not lost in the A's clubhouse.
"He would probably consider it not a big deal," manager Bob Melvin said. "Thirty's a nice round number, and for the first time to get there at a point where he is in his career … Obviously there are a lot of games left. He could significantly pass that. But it's a feather in his cap for sure."
Davis naturally downplayed the feat, saying, "it's just a number," yet it's one that had not been achieved by an A's player since totaled 30 in 2013.
"Most importantly, I'm healthy and helping the team," said Davis, who has homered in three straight games for the second time in his career.
The left fielder, acquired by the A's in a trade with the Brewers in February, had no more than 27 home runs in each of his previous three big league seasons. His team-leading 75 RBIs are also a career high, six more than his previous mark, with 53 games still to play.
It begs the question, just how many home runs can he hit before the season expires?
The 28-year-old Davis has admittedly thought about it but was also quick to note, "I'm just trying to do today, though. It's getting close to the finish line. We've got a month and a half, and I'm just taking it day by day, really."
Davis' 30 home runs, three more than his previous career high set with the Brewers last year, are fourth-most in the American League; and 17 of them have been hit at home, most at the Coliseum since had 18 in 2012.
Going back to Aug. 6, 2015, Davis has 50 home runs and 116 RBIs. Only Blue Jays slugger has more home runs in that period, with 52.
Of his 30 home runs, seven have come against the Mariners.
"I'm just trying to do me and help the club out and have fun with the boys," Davis said.