Oct. 14 Kenta Maeda workout day interview

October 14th, 2016

Q. When are you starting in this series?

KENTA MAEDA: I think it's tomorrow.

Q. Let me rephrase. Since your manager said you're starting tomorrow, what have you been doing to prepare in these last couple days? Has it been a normal between starts routine for you?

KENTA MAEDA: I've been always preparing the same way, knowing that my team was going to win, and I was told beforehand, before we won, that I was going to pitch Game 1.

Q. What kind of things have you learned from your first experience in the postseason, you started the divisional series, that you can apply to have a better game tomorrow?

KENTA MAEDA: It was my first time pitching in a postseason and it was an experience that I never experienced before, so this time around since it is my second time around, I think I'll be able to imagine better what it's going to feel like. And pitching-wise, I couldn't pitch the way I really wanted to.

Q. Does the next step up in terms of the postseason, is there anything that's a little bit different, knowing that fact?

KENTA MAEDA: Last time around I couldn't really pitch the way I wanted to. With that in mind, I want to definitely pitch well and hopefully contribute to a win for the team.

Q. It's the third time that a Japanese pitcher will be starting a National League Championship Series, so when exactly were you told that were you going to start and what was the feeling when you were told?

KENTA MAEDA: They told me the day after I started in the National League Division Series and it's just worked out so that after the day I pitched in the division series, and it just worked out so that my first game will be pitching in the National League Championship Series. So, but again, very excited and honored, but I really want to do well.

Q. You saw the game from the dugout in Game 4 and 5 in a situation where the team couldn't lose. Is there any energy or feeling, anything extra that you're feeling as you prepare to pitch tomorrow?

KENTA MAEDA: Definitely watching the last two games where Rich had to pitch on three days of rest and Kershaw pitching in relief it definitely motivated me to work hard this time around and I just want to make sure that I do well and kind of fit in with the general positive flow of what we're feeling right now as a team. It was absolutely a team effort of the.

Q. has done so much for you guys in that first round, and this kind of goes along the lines of the last question, but how inspiring has that been and how much does the rest of the pitching staff want to step up and match what he's done?

KENTA MAEDA: Watching Kershaw pitch in the Division Series is definitely something that is, it's unbelievable what he has done. It made me realize how great of a pitcher he is. So, at the same time, I want to be able to pitch well and I'm sure a lot of the pitching staff got courage from seeing that. So, I just hope that I can do something that's on the good end.

Q. Looking at the last five games the starting pitchers haven't gone deep into the game and since this is going to be a seven-games series, I'm sure that the starting pitchers will be stretched a little bit. Is there anything you're thinking about in terms of wanting to throw more innings or maybe going all out the first few innings?

KENTA MAEDA: We've been relying a lot on our relief pitchers to take the load, so I want to be able to -- I'm really just focused on throwing quality innings as long as I can. And as long as I keep throwing quality innings, then I would be able to throw longer and deeper into the game. So that's what I'm really focused on.

Q. You had heard that Coors Field was a difficult ballpark to pitch in and you pitched well there. What have you heard about Wrigley Field and what adjustments do you think you might have to make here?

KENTA MAEDA: I'm just going to be focused on making quality pitches and making sure that I do what I need to do. It's hard to tell if there's anything different here, unless I pitch here. So, I think that's something I'm going to find out.

Q. What's your impression of the Cubs lineup in general? Are there any hitters that you know of or our focused on and do you think that it's going to be an advantage for you to be pitching for the first time against these guys?

KENTA MAEDA: They're a very good lineup from what I know. They came up, they won the regular season with a pretty good record, so in that sense I've seen the Division Series and they're on a pretty good momentum. So what I'm going to try to do is to stop the momentum. The question in regards to whether it's going to be an advantage for me for facing these guys for the first time, well, to be honest, I don't think at this point any more it's going to be an advantage or disadvantage.