Orioles Players Weekend nicknames explained

Players set to display personalities, honor family with tribute patches

August 24th, 2017

BALTIMORE -- This weekend, the Orioles -- and players across the Majors -- will get a chance to show their personality.
Starting on Friday, the O's will wear alternate jerseys inspired by youth league designs with custom nicknames for the inaugural Players Weekend. Players are also allowed to wear custom-designed flashy equipment, from batting gloves to bats, to have even more fun with their late-August series in Boston.
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So whose name is the coolest? And what do all of these mean?
Below are all the details on the new jerseys and tribute patches the Orioles will wear. Some players elected to not put a nickname on their jersey, while others used a clever play on their last name. Many patches honor family members and former coaches who influenced their journey to the Major Leagues.
: "Swaggy T"
Beckham, who was acquired in a non-waiver Trade Deadline deal with the Rays, opted to go with a nickname.
Tribute patch: Mom, Dad, two oldest brothers
Beckham, the youngest son of Jimmy and Ella Beckham, grew up in the Crestview Heights neighborhood of Griffin, Ga. He often played baseball in his yard with his older brothers Stephen and Jeremy.
: "B-Rad"
Tribute patch: Mom, Dad, Jenae, Brian, Brett
Brach will pay tribute to his family with the patch. His wife, Jenae Cherry, is a singer-songwriter based out of Nashville, Tenn.
What you need to know for Players Weekend
: Using last name
Tribute patch: Mom and Dad
Bleier's father, Lawrence, is from the Bronx and grew up playing stickball. His mother is named Kathy. Both had a major impact on his baseball career, which started at South Plantation High School in Plantation, Fla.
Zach Britton: "Brit"
Britton shortened up his last name. The O's lefty is often called Brit in the clubhouse.
Tribute patch: Mom and Dad
Greg and Martha Britton raised Zach, the youngest of three boys, in Santa Clarita, Calif. Britton's older brother, Buck, spent some time in the Orioles' Minor League system.
: Using last name
Tribute patch: Denver and Lorie, Bobby Bundy
Bundy will wear a patch for his parents one day and his brother the next. His mother, Lorie, passed away in 2013. Bobby is currently in the Orioles' Minor League system.
: "Beef"
The catcher tried his first Beef Wellington back in 2015 when the nickname trended on Twitter after a red-hot week in July. And it's stuck, with chants of "Beeeeef" echoing through Camden Yards.
Tribute patch: Federico Castillo, Argentina Paulino
Castillo will honor his family all weekend.
: Using last name
Tribute patch: Eddy Santana Lachalupa
Castro, who has is having an impressive year for the Orioles, will pay tribute to his favorite coach.
Chris Davis: "Crush"
In 2008, after a hot start with his hometown team, the Rangers, Davis was dubbed "Crush Davis" by local media and fans. It's a play on "Crash Davis" from the movie "Bull Durham." The name stuck with the slugger, who led the Majors in home runs in 2013.
: "Flash"
The nickname isn't for Flaherty's speed. Growing up, people used shorten his last name to "Flats." From there, it went to "Flash," and the rest is history.
Tribute patch: Mom and Dad, Deering High School
Flaherty is the son of Edward and Deborah Flaherty. His dad was a star at the University of Maine, and he is the longtime head coach at the University of Southern Maine.
: "Gausy"
Tribute patch: Mom and Dad, Chief Joseph
Gausman's parents are Claire and Winifred. His mother often goes by Jo, and Chief Joseph is her nickname.
: "Gent"
Tribute patch: Mom and Dad, Cooley
In addition to Gentry's parents, he'll also pay tribute to current Orioles hitting coach Scott Coolbaugh. The pair has long been close, and it was Coolbaugh who helped convince Baltimore to take a chance on Gentry this offseason.
: "Tony"
Givens' middle name is Antonio.
Tribute patch: Liduvinia Padilla, Plant High School
Givens will pay tribute to his great grandmother and his high school in Florida.
J.J. Hardy: "James Jerry"
It's what J.J. stands for.
Tribute patch: Mom and Dad
Hardy's parents, Mark and Susie, were terrific athletes in their own right. Hardy's father was a professional tennis player, and his mother was a pro golfer.
: "Helly"
Tribute patch: Mom and Dad
Hellickson is a big deal in Des Moines, Iowa. When he was with the Rays earlier in his career his parents, Steve and Leanna, would coordinate watch parties, with a portion of the night's sales donated to Hoover High, where Hellickson went to school.
: "Big U"
The name is a play on Jimenez's stature. The righty is 6-foot-5.
Tribute patch: Dios
Jimenez is a spiritual guy; "Dios" means God.
: "Pappo"
Jones' mom, Andrea Bradley, gave him the nickname when he was young whenever he got into trouble. It stuck with him into adulthood.
Tribute patch: Andrea Bradley, Anna Brown, Audie Jones
Jones will wear the names of three important women: his mother, his grandmother and his wife.
: "Cabob"
Pronounced "K-BOB," Joseph's aunt gave him the nickname.
Tribute patch: Jeff Forehand
The head coach at Lipscomb University (Tenn.), Forehand had a huge impact on Joseph's development.
Manny Machado: "Mr. Miami"
Machado chose to honor his hometown with his jersey. Machado attended Brito High School in Miami.
Tribute patch: G. Brito, H.A.A. (Hialeah Athletics Association), Rosa Nunez 
Brito is for Machado's uncle, Geovanny Brito, who helped raise him and used to take Machado to play baseball after school. H.A.A. is Machado's hometown baseball league. Nunez is his mother.

: "Trey"
His full name is Joseph Anthony Mancini III. Mancini's parents went out to eat while his mother was pregnant and the waiter's name was Trey. They asked about it, and the waiter said he was the third in his family. They loved the idea and decided to do the same.
Tribute patch: Blake Doyle
Doyle was one of Mancini's coaches growing up, and Mancini still helps out at Doyle's Baseball Academy. Doyle was the hitting coach for the Rockies from 2013-16.
: Using last name
Tribute patch: Family
: "Odachowski"
O'Day's Polish grandmother went by Mrs. O'Dach (pronounced O'Day) instead of Mrs. Odachowski at work because it was easier to pronounce, and her sons eventually changed their last names to "O'Day" as a tribute to her. O'Day is honoring his heritage on his jersey with his original family name.
Tribute patch: Mom and Dad
: "Mamba"
Schoop always loved Kobe Bryant and playing basketball, so his friends started calling him "Mamba" like Kobe.
Tribute patch: Jaja
Schoop will honor his deceased aunt who used to take him to baseball practice.
Seth Smith: Using last name
Tribute patch: Mom and Dad, Proverbs 22:6
Chris Tillman: Using last name
Tribute patch: Family
: Using last name
Tribute patch: Mom and Dad