Big Unit 2.0? Corbin nearly drills butterfly

September 6th, 2020

's slider floats like a butterfly, and on Sunday it very nearly hit one. The Nationals left-hander almost pulled a Randy Johnson, albeit with a much smaller target, coming dangerously close to drilling a butterfly with a pitch. Luckily it was able to flutter on by unscathed.

“I missed the butterfly?” Corbin said after the 10-3 loss. “Well, that’s good. I had no idea what pitch that was on, then. That’s something like Randy Johnson did, I guess, with the bird. But I’m glad I missed it.”

Back in 2001, that bird was not so fortunate when it happened to get in the way of a Johnson fastball, exploding in midair in a wild moment that has been replayed and analyzed in the years since.

"The fans that come up to me, they don't talk about the Cy Youngs, they talk about the World Series. So what's that tell you? It's important to them too, so that's why it's so important to me. And they also talk about the dead pigeon, too," Johnson once said.

Maybe Corbin will start getting questions about the butterfly effect on the rest of his career.