Pearl Jam, MLB Network hype Opening Week

July 21st, 2020

The 2020 season needed a soundtrack. So MLB got Pearl Jam.

The rock legends have been fueling the countdown to Opening Day -- just watch MLB stars like Fernando Tatis Jr., Tim Anderson, J.D. Martinez and more jamming out to Pearl Jam's song "Who Ever Said" from their new album "Gigaton."

And with Opening Day now just days away, MLB Network and Pearl Jam are teaming up to get fans hyped for the phenomenon that is the 2020 MLB season with a highlight reel featuring the band's song "Superblood Wolfmoon."

Not only that, tune in to MLB Network's morning show, MLB Central, on July 27 at 10 a.m. ET for a special piece where current Major Leaguers like Adam Wainwright and Ian Kennedy discuss their favorite Pearl Jam moments.

What could be a better combo than baseball and rock 'n' roll? Plus, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder is a diehard baseball fan -- and MLB Network analysts Sean Casey and Ryan Dempster are diehard Pearl Jam fans.

Casey and Dempster even commented on Vedder's swing in his #TrickShot4Snowy video.

That's not all: Casey and Dempster are going to be featured in a special "Jam session" on Pearl Jam Radio that will be aired on MLB Network throughout the week.

Here's the MLB Network broadcast schedule for the "Jam session" with Casey and Dempster:
Tuesday -- 11 a.m. ET
Wednesday -- 8 p.m. ET
Thursday -- 7 a.m. ET
Friday -- 6 p.m. ET
Saturday -- 9 a.m. ET
Sunday -- 9 p.m. ET

The Jam session will also be available on demand for two weeks after it first airs.