Base Chase: Can you pick three hitters for most total bases?

October 18th, 2022

Download MLB Play and take your best cuts with MLB Base Chase! This daily prediction game is super simple — just pick three hitters that you think will tally the most total bases that day.

Score the most Total Bases in a single postseason day and you could win a cool $50,000. (That’s a huge increase over last year’s $20,000… and way more hot dogs and popcorn for everyone!)

Want to know more about Base Chase? Here’s the deal:

It works like other daily prediction games
Base Chase is a daily prediction game where fans can pick three batters playing that day who they think will get the most total bases. Of those three players, you can pick one player to be your ‘captain,’ which means their bases are worth double for that day. Walks, hit by pitches and stolen bases don’t count toward the total, so the best lineups are ones built around players who rack up extra base hits in bunches.

Your lineup resets the next day
Pick a lineup where all three guys go hitless? No fear, as your lineup resets every day, which means you’ll get to pick a fresh slate of players every day. The only restriction is that you’re not able to pick players on consecutive days. So, for example, if you pick Jose Altuve one game, then you wouldn’t be able to pick him if the Astros' next game came on the next calendar day.

There’s $50,000 on the line
At the end of the postseason, the fan(s) with the highest single-day score will take home $50,000. And while each gameday resets at 8 a.m. ET, don’t fret if you forget to log picks before an early game -- player selection locks moments before each game, so anyone who misses the deadline for an early game could still select players from a later game.

The game is exclusively hosted on the MLB Play app and is available to anyone 18 and up.

Download MLB Play from the App Store for your Apple device or at Google Play for Android.