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#PlayersChoiceCuts: 108 Stitches lets players, fans make fashion statement

Major Leaguers wear 108 Stitches attire for 50th anniversary

108 Stitches is helping Major Leaguers and fans make a statement -- a fashion statement.

108 Stitches is helping Major Leaguers and fans make a statement -- a fashion statement.

The St. Louis-based company produces vintage T-shirts of and for Major Leaguers. With various collections like Player Issue Tees, the Legend Series (featuring Stan Musial and Tony Gwynn) and K Cancer from which to choose, fans can rock their favorite players in a variety of styles.

K Cancer -- or "Strike Out Cancer" -- is an initiative started by Colorado Rockies pitcher Jason Motte to provide comfort and care for those directly or indirectly affected by cancers of all kind. 108 Stitches supports Motte's and the players' efforts to raise funds and awareness for the initiative by creating a line of K Cancer tees.

With each K Cancer purchase, money is donated to the Jason Motte Foundation. After the rise in popularity of the K Cancer T-shirt, 108 Stitches expanded its K Cancer line to include other players' cancer-related charities. Now, with the purchase of a K Cancer T-shirt, $2 goes to the Jason Motte Foundation, and another $8 goes toward that player's chosen charity. The K Cancer collection lets fans support their favorite player's charity in style.

108 Stitches is also helping players celebrate a birthday -- the 50th birthday of the Major League Baseball Players Association, that is. 2016 marks 50 years of the Players Association being recognized as a labor union, and 108 Stitches is providing the attire.

A black T-shirt with the 50th anniversary logo debuted in clubhouses during Spring Training, exclusively for players. Since their distribution, players have worn the shirts for media interviews, during their pregame routines and on social media, generating public demand. Because of that enthusiasm, MLBPA and 108 Stitches are providing fans the opportunity to join in the union's Golden Anniversary celebration with a limited 50-day sale of the T-shirts.

Beginning on May 22, the 50th day of the season, the T-shirts went on sale for 50 days, and they will be sold through July 11. T-shirts can be purchased at

An MLBPA licensee since 2013, 108 Stitches provides support for players and an opportunity for fans to do the same.

You can find out more by following 108 Stitches on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.