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#PlayersChoiceCuts: LIDS stitches a bond between fans and players

Hey fans! It's time to get your heads in the game.

Hey fans! It's time to get your heads in the game.

LIDS, the retail headwear company, is providing fans with a unique way to express their fandom. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, LIDS has more than 1,000 locations to spread the baseball fever to fans nationwide.

In the early 1990s, co-founders Glenn Campbell and Scott Molander decided to carry out the idea after identifying baseball caps as "an undervalued niche in mall retail."

"If a cookie shop can just sell cookies or a pretzel shop can just sell pretzels, why not hats?" Campbell said.

Sports fans love to connect with their favorite players by collecting autographs, jerseys and other memorabilia. So, in 2014, LIDS seamlessly married the idea of collecting autographs with classic ballpark attire -- a baseball cap -- by establishing the EmbroidiGraph program.

Fans can now visit a LIDS store to have their New Era hat or jersey embroidered with their favorite player's autograph, name or number.

The first-of-a-kind agreement between the MLBPA and LIDS changes the way fans can connect with their favorite players. Now, player autographs, names and numbers can adorn the side of a baseball cap, helping fans make a statement about who they support.

From an Anthony Rizzo jersey to an Andrew McCutchen cap, fans have their favorite player (and his signature) right at the tip of the EmbroidiGraph needle.

LIDS also helped the players shine even brighter during All-Star Week in San Diego with a line of special EmbroidiGraph All-Star caps. Gold trim, gold stars and an All-Star patch decorated their caps and gave fans the chance to purchase a souvenir that provided the All-Star treatment.

A gold EmbroidiGraphed signature provided the finishing touch, allowing fans to support their favorite All-Star players.

So while ink may fade, player EmbroidiGraphs assure fans that stitching is forever.