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#PlayersChoiceCuts: Panini America's innovative inserts are 'Flawless'

For Panini America, it's not what you collect, but who you collect.

For Panini America, it's not what you collect, but who you collect.

The Irving, Texas trading card company, founded in 1954 under the name Donruss, has taken collecting player cards to a new level, marketing three brands -- Flawless, Diamond Kings and Donruss.

Donruss and Diamond Kings, which were released in March and April, help build a fan's trading card collection as well as their anticipation for the Flawless set.

The 2016 Panini Flawless Baseball set, which is being released on Friday, June 24, is the company's top brand and designed with high-end collectors in mind. The set includes two boxes containing six autographs, two relic cards and two jewel cards.

That's correct -- jewel cards. Panini offers the following to help whet appetites for what the Flawless set will include:

  • Several parallels substitute the base diamond with real emeralds, sapphires or rubies. USA Baseball cards present a trio of gems in patriotic colors, while Alma Mater cards work with Players' college images.
  • Greats and Hall of Fame autographs accompany Rookie Patches Autographs, and each parallel is numbered 20 or less. Talk about getting exclusive with your favorite players.
  • Can't choose between your favorite players? Teammates present a trio of players suited up together in iconic historical baseball moments.

Panini's unique inserts showcase players in a new light. Examples in its 2016 products include Corey Seager's Flawless autographed rookie patch, Jacob deGrom's Diamond King Studio Portrait with two memorabilia swatches and Kris Bryant and Jake Arrieta's Donruss Preferred Pairings Signatures Red cards.

An MLBPA licensee since 2011, Panini is found in hobby stores across America. Its website has a store locator to make collecting your favorite players a breeze.

Whether fans are opening their first pack of player cards or they've collected their whole life, Panini has unique products that allow fans to connect with their favorite players and build their own trading card team.

So, as Panini asks, who do you collect?

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