Cash, Andriese bewildered by balk call

Umpires enforce new rule about pitching out of windup

May 10th, 2017

ST. PETERSBURG -- Kevin Cash wasn't happy about the balk call that resulted in the Royals scoring their first run in the Rays' 7-6, 12-inning loss to Kansas City on Tuesday night.

Cash got ejected in the third, and the Rays' manager was still steamed about the call after the 4-hour, 24-minute game had ended.

"It was an atrocious call, period," Cash said. "I don't know what else to say. Veteran umpire, veteran crew for the most part out there, they're better than that."

With no outs in the third, Rays starter was called for a balk, which allowed a run to score. Cash took exception with the call, which led to a conversation with the umpires, and subsequently his ejection by third-base umpire Bill Welke.

Cash explained the basis for the balk.

"That [Andriese] did not declare that he was pitching from the windup or the stretch," Cash said. "... We've had guys on third base multiple times this year. Matt Andriese has had guys on third base. We haven't had a pitcher declare, been asked to declare, been talked about to declare. It's a terrible way to involve yourself and help out the outcome of the game."

Cash noted that there was "a good second-and-a-half delay" before the call was made.

"They didn't know what the [heck] they were talking about, or what they were doing," Cash said. "So, it's on them. I'll get repercussions for commenting on it. Go ahead, bring the fine on, it's ridiculous."

The balk call was based on a new addition to the rulebook, Rule 5.07(a)(2), which states: A pitcher will be permitted to notify the umpire that he is pitching from the Windup Position within an at-bat only in the event of (i) a substitution by the offensive team; or (ii) immediately upon the advancement of one or more runners (i.e., after one or more base runners advance but before the delivery of the next pitch).

"He did not declare to the umpires that he would be working out of the windup so we assume he is pitching out of the stretch and he did not pause," Welke said.

Crew chief Mike Everitt would not tell a pool reporter how many times the new rule had been enforced, but Welke said it was the first time his crew had enforced the rule.

Andriese sounded bewildered about the call.

"That was the first time that I heard we have to declare what we are before we make a pitch," Andriese said. "I was a little unaware of the whole situation. ... I guess I had to tell one of the umpires that I was pitching out of the windup. ... Kind of a weird situation. I guess that's in the rulebook now, so I guess we have to follow the rules."

Cash now has six career ejections as manager of the Rays. His last ejection prior to Tuesday night's came on April 19 against the Tigers.