9 stitches likely to land Quinn on injured list

May 5th, 2021

PHILADELPHIA -- The Phillies lost another center fielder, and just when he seemed to be swinging the bat a little better.

left Tuesday night’s 6-5 victory over the Brewers at Citizens Bank Park after the second inning because of a cut on his right index finger. The cut required nine stitches to close. X-rays were negative.

Phillies manager Joe Girardi said Quinn, who was wearing a splint after the game, is likely headed to the 10-day injured list.

Quinn tried to bunt in the second, but his right hand wrapped too far around the barrel of the bat. His finger was hit with a 90 mph cutter as he fouled it off. Quinn stayed in the game and singled to left before reaching third on a two-base error.

“No, man. I'm a savage, man,” said Quinn, asked if he was surprised if he singled after cutting himself so badly. “I grind through whatever. You feel me? I'm a little surprised. I honestly was like, 'Man, it feels numb. But I feel like I can get through it.' Then, once I got to third and I made the last out, I took my glove off and saw that I was bleeding. I was like, 'Oh, that explains why it's still kind of numb.' We took a look at it. It was a deep gash up in there.”

Quinn had three hits in his first 21 games this season. He had three in his last three, including two triples.

“It's very frustrating because I feel like I was getting in a rhythm,” Quinn said. “Playing three consecutive games. Finally getting my feet a little wet. Finally having some success. It's frustrating, man, because I feel like every time I get to a point where I'm finding a rhythm, something freakish like this happens. And it throws me back even more. You know what I mean? So that's the tough part about it.”

If Quinn lands on the IL as expected, it would not be a surprise to see recalled.