Fuld floated as Rangers' manager candidate

September 22nd, 2018
Oakland Athletics Sam Fuld prepares for an at bat during a baseball game against the Texas Rangers in Arlington, Texas, Thursday, June 25, 2015. (AP Photo/LM Otero)LM Otero/AP

ATLANTA -- fits the profile of the modern-day baseball manager. He is young, he is smart, he is a former player that relates well to current players and he is well-versed in the analytics and philosophies that dominate the decision-making in the dugout and front office.
It is no surprise then that the Dallas Morning News named Fuld as a potential candidate to replace former Rangers manager Jeff Banister, whom the team dismissed this week. Fuld, who is finishing his first season as the Phillies' Major League player information coordinator, is likely to move up the ladder in the future, either on a big league coaching staff or in a front office, even if the Rangers never call.
"One of the beauties of this job, one of the things I really like, is that I'm getting exposed to both sides, being in uniform and also getting exposed to the front-office side," the Stanford-educated Fuld said Saturday morning at SunTrust Park. "I still have a lot of interest in doing both and taking this whole experience as an opportunity to learn about what I am truly interested in and what my desires are. I'm not at a point where I'm willing to rule out either side, and it's certainly very flattering to be even brought up in the conversation.
"I think I've learned both sides are incredibly interesting, and I've enjoyed both. I'd certainly be foolish not to entertain it."
Fuld's Phillies responsibilities include taking information from the front office's analytics department and making it relatable to players. He works with the team's outfielders and is involved with their in-game positioning. He always seems to be on the move.
Asked where he envisioned himself in 10 years as his playing career closed with the A's in 2015, Fuld said, "Obviously a ton of uncertainty. I'm envious of people who know exactly what they want to do and what path they want to take. One thing I know is that everybody is prone to changing their mind. Recognizing that, maybe a couple years ago, wrapping up my career, I maybe envisioned being more on the front-office side, but this has been a really cool experience being down here, maybe more than I initially anticipated."