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GIFs of the Day: It's a strike -- from left field

Here are the top GIFs from Saturday's games, courtesy of @MLBgifs:

1. Right on the money

Here are the top GIFs from Saturday's games, courtesy of @MLBgifs:

1. Right on the money

Yes, it was 37-year old Victor Martinez running. But still, full marks are due for Ezequiel Carrera, who snared this liner and fired this missile to home plate for a double play.

Gif: Ezequiel Carrera makes outfield assist

2. Splash in the stands

McCovey Cove wasn't the only place where splash hits could be found Saturday in San Francisco, as one Giants fan found out the hard way.

Gif: Foul ball splashes food, drink

3. Colorado bird of prey

When a majestic hawk is looking right at you, a professional can never have too many cameras.

Gif: Cameraman and Hawk

4. Bee delay in Milwaukee

The warning track took on a new meaning Saturday in Milwaukee, as in, "Warning: Giant swarm of bees straight ahead."

Gif: MIL bees

5. Right on track

It doesn't matter which way Andrelton Simmons is facing, the guy always keeps his eye on the baseball.

Gif: See Gif

6. LOOGY, or just loopy?

Giants left-handed relief specialist Javier Lopez has successfully made the journey from the dugout to the bullpen hundreds of times. But, of course, everyone will remember that ONE time he took a tumble.

Gif: Javier Lopez Falls and Recovers

7. A little sheepish after this one

D-backs third baseman Jake Lamb narrowly missed out on an All-Star selection after a stellar first half. This fly ball will probably not make his highlight reel, though.

Gif: Jake Lamb misplays pop-up

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