Inbox: Could Devers get callup to Red Sox?

Beat reporter Ian Browne answers questions from fans

May 8th, 2017

If third base continues to be a weak spot for the Red Sox, is there any chance we may see Rafael Devers called up before rosters expand?

-- @JRGillis22

It all depends on what player development sees with Devers in their daily, weekly and monthly evaluations. One thing the Red Sox won't do is rush the top prospect because they are struggling at the Major League level.

If no Devers yet, why wouldn't they explore a move outside the organization for a third baseman? 

-- @kufss

The Red Sox haven't given up on yet. Boston expects he will be back relatively soon from his right knee injury, and the club would rather make a full evaluation on Panda before acquiring another third baseman.

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 is an athlete and proven MLB hitter. If winning in 2017 is the top objective, why not get him third-base reps at Triple-A Pawtucket and bring him up?

-- @kufss

There are two problems with what you suggest. The first is that Swihart is off to a very rough start at the plate this season. The second is that he's currently dealing with a deep bruise on his left finger and is on the DL at Pawtucket. If Swihart can get healthy and be productive -- and the Red Sox continue to have an offensive drought at third base -- what you are suggesting could become an option.

What do you see happening to Swihart this year?

-- @mookieformvp

Swihart must first get healthy and get productive. Assuming that happens, Boston will have to evaluate his projected production versus and . Leon started swinging the bat well again over the past couple of games. Swihart could also be used as a trade chip to help fill another need on the team come July.

What's the plan for Sam Travis this year?

-- @ogp44

Travis got off to a slow start, but he has been swinging the bat much better lately. The plan is for Travis, ranked as the club's No. 3 prospect, to round out his development at Triple-A this season, particularly on the defensive side. The Red Sox would love it if he is ready to compete for the starting first-base job by next spring. Perhaps you could see him in the Majors before then as a September callup. Stay tuned on this one.

Do the Red Sox plan to have Chris Young more regularly in left field and on the bench? Young's having a much better season than JBJ.

-- @RedSoxFR

File this one under the category of small sample size. Don't forget that it was right around this time last year when Bradley got ridiculously hot. He could have another streak like that in him. It's way too soon to say Bradley shouldn't be the primary center fielder.

With the void left by , is there any chance get another chance? His numbers this year in Pawtucket (1.35 ERA in 26 2/3 innings) are great.

-- @philsweezey

Quite simply, Owens needs to improve his control before he gets another call to Boston. He is walking nearly a batter per inning. You can get away with that in Triple-A, but not in the Majors.