Steve Cohen wants Bobby Bonilla Day at Citi

What a ceremony it would be

November 20th, 2020

Every year, it's the joke that takes over Twitter: Bobby Bonilla Day for the New York Mets. The former Mets outfielder negotiated a deferred payment contract that pays him $1.2 million every July 1 from 2011 through 2035. Bonilla retired in 2001. It's not totally unusual, but it definitely still looks pretty outrageous on paper.

But with new owner Steve Cohen at the helm and taking fan suggestions on Twitter, one person wondered if, instead of paying out Bonilla's contract each year for the next 15, could Cohen somehow figure out a way to pay it all to him right now? That way the Mets could avoid the embarrassing anniversary every season.

Cohen decided to go in the other direction.

Yes, there could be a parade, the first 10,000 fans could get Bobby Bo fake mustaches. This, actually, seems like the best possible idea.

If people are making fun of you for something, the best thing to do is take the joke to another level. Then, well, how can they really make fun of you anymore? You're making fun of yourself. It's genius.