Braking news: Flashy car revs up Cubs camp

Strength coach Buss plans joke with Maddon, arrives in style

February 21st, 2017

MESA, Ariz. -- When you win a World Series, you travel in style, and Cubs strength coach Tim Buss arrived for Tuesday's workout in a white Ferrari convertible.
"I don't think I've seen a Ferrari on the field before," pitcher said. "You never know what to expect. It was a little unexpected, but not so unexpected. You expect the crazy around here, especially with 'Bussy.'"

Whether it's his theme road trips where players dress up, or his "Try not to suck" motto for the 2016 Cubs, manager Joe Maddon is willing to try all sorts of things to keep his players' heads on straight. Tuesday's workout was no different.
The plan was for Maddon to address the team during the first full-squad workout on Saturday about the need to stay humble after winning the Cubs' first World Series since 1908, and then Buss would drive the extravagant car onto the field. Rain delayed that, so on Tuesday, when the field was finally dry, the players were gathered on the field when -- all of a sudden -- Buss cruised onto the grass while pointing a finger into the air and slowly circled the group. He then parked the car, was greeted by enthusiastic applause from the players in uniform, and proceeded to lead the team in the daily stretch.
"It was just 'Bussy' being 'Bussy' and having a good time," said. "With all the crazy things that us players did this offseason, him going to buy a Ferrari is even crazier."
Buss, whose "skill set exceeds just being the strength and conditioning coordinator," Maddon said, even dressed up for the occasion, wearing the same suit jacket and pants that he wore during the Cubs' trip to the White House in January.
"I don't know if there's another guy in camp who can pull off what he does every day," Maddon said.

The Cubs manager has emphasized the need to be humble and moving on after winning the World Series. This was a play on that.
"He was joking about winning last year, and by the end he said he's moving on and focusing on winning this year," Hendricks said. "He made a joke about how it's not about the car, and we have to dial it in. It's actually for a purpose."
Said Rizzo: "This offseason, guys did a ton of stuff, myself included, but once you get back around this group, it's not individuals anymore. It feels good to be back around the guys and ragging on people and them ragging on us. That's what it's all about."