Bregman's response to Bauer: 'We're not friends'

April 27th, 2019

The " vs. the Astros" trash-talk rivalry continues.

After throwing eight innings of one-run baseball to lead Cleveland past Houston, 2-1, on Thursday, Bauer tweeted a video of himself asking an bobblehead doll, "What's up little buddy, did I dominate you last night?" (The bobblehead, of course, nodded, as the Yello song "Oh Yeah" played in the background.)

Bauer held the Astros' third baseman hitless in the game while also outdueling his old UCLA teammate and rival Gerrit Cole.

Bregman was asked about Bauer's latest video message for him and said on Saturday, "If he calls that dominating, I am very happy for him. We'll see him again. I'm proud of him. I'm really proud of him and proud that he dominated."

When asked if he and Bauer are friends, Bregman said, "No, we're not friends."

Bauer's video continues an ongoing back and forth between the Indians right-hander, the Astros and Bregman, who -- like Bauer -- is one of MLB's more active players on social media.

The Twitter banter started last season, when Bauer implied that the Astros pitchers -- who became known for their high-spin fastballs and breaking balls on their 2017 World Series championship run -- might be using foreign substances to increase their spin rate.

Bregman then tweeted a response to Bauer, saying, "Relax Tyler ... those World Series balls spin a little different."

The Astros went on to sweep the Indians in the 2018 American League Division Series, with Bregman hitting a home run off Bauer in Game 2 and Bauer taking the loss in relief in the clincher.

The talk continued in the offseason when Bauer proposed that Bregman take batting practice off him and that he'd donate to charity for every Bregman homer.

Bregman responded to Bauer's homer-hitting challenge with: "I'll save them for the postseason next year."

Their back and forth has continued since then, including further exchanges in the offseason where Bregman tweeted to Bauer that "Bro... you were our best player in the postseason last year," and Bauer replying, "Thanks for admitting I'm better than you."