All players with unassisted triple plays

March 11th, 2019

When it comes to the ultimate defensive gem, it's hard to argue against the unassisted triple play.

Turning a triple play with the help of your teammates is noteworthy enough. But to record all three outs yourself -- single-handedly killing a rally in the process -- is especially rare.

"It's amazing," Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki said after snagging a liner by the Braves' Chipper Jones in the seventh inning on April 29, 2007. "It kind of just fell into my lap, but I'll take it."

As Tulowitzki noted, there is typically a little bit of luck involved, as runners are usually in motion, and the ball must be hit at the defender.

"As soon as I saw the runners take off, you think of a triple play, but it rarely ever happens," Tulowitzki said. "Line drive right at me, caught it, one out. Tagged the base for two and tagged the runner for three. It happened so quick."

Here is the elite fraternity of 15 players who have turned an unassisted triple play, including eight shortstops, five second basemen and two first basemen:

• Eric Bruntlett, Phillies second baseman, Aug. 23, 2009, ninth inning Watch >

• Asdrubal Cabrera, Indians second baseman, May 12, 2008, fifth inning Watch >

• Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies shortstop, April 29, 2007, seventh inning Watch >

• Rafael Furcal, Braves shortstop, Aug. 10, 2003, fifth inning Watch >

• Randy Velarde, Athletics second baseman, May 29, 2000, sixth inning Watch >

• John Valentin, Red Sox shortstop, July 8, 1994, sixth inning Watch >

• Mickey Morandini, Phillies second baseman, Sept. 20, 1992, sixth inning Watch >

• Ron Hansen, Senators shortstop, July 30, 1968, first inning

• Johnny Neun, TIgers first baseman, May 31, 1927, ninth inning

• Jimmy Cooney, Cubs shortstop,, May 30, 1927, fourth inning

• Glenn Wright, Pirates shortstop,, May 7, 1925, ninth inning

• Ernie Padgett, Braves shortstop, Oct. 6, 1923, fourth inning

• George Burns, Red Sox first baseman, Sept. 14, 1923, second inning

• Bill Wambsganss, Indians second baseman, Oct. 10, 1920, fifth inning (Game 5 of World Series)

• Neal Ball, Naps shortstop, July 19, 1909, second inning