A triple play so wild we're not sure how to score it

April 17th, 2022

Triple plays are always a rare and exhilarating sight, but you've probably never seen one turned like this before.

The bases were loaded with nobody out in the bottom of the fifth inning of UVA's game against Pitt on Sunday afternoon, when a Panthers batter rolled over one to the hot corner. Third baseman Jake Gelof fielded and fired home for a force at the plate, and catcher Kyle Teel spun around and threw to first for the second out.

Key words there: Second out. First baseman Devin Ortiz, after pumping his fist in excitement, tossed the ball back to the mound, believing his team had just gotten out of the inning. But they hadn't. At least not yet.

The Pittsburgh runner on third, thinking he could catch Virginia sleeping, took off for home. Quickly realizing his mistake, Ortiz sprinted to the mound, picked up the ball and off one leg fired home just in time to get the third -- yes, this time it was the third -- out.

To be honest, we're not quite sure how to score this one, but it was awesome nevertheless. The triple play was the first for UVA since 2004, when they spun one that started with a name you might recognize at third base -- Ryan Zimmerman! The recently retired Nationals legend's entire Major League career took place between triple plays for UVA.