Vlad Jr., destroyer of slow-pitch softballs

November 26th, 2021

, coming off a breakout 2021 season that saw him finish second to the otherworldly Shohei Ohtani in the AL MVP race, is used to punishing baseballs. This offseason, softballs are now no longer safe.

A recent video showed the Blue Jays' phenom stepping to the plate during a slow-pitch softball game in the Dominican Republic, and he promptly launched a ball into orbit:

Outside of the majestic blast (and Vladdy admiring it while slowly walking toward first base), a highlight of the video is the fact that the pitcher immediately backpedals the second the ball leaves their hand -- completely understandable considering how hard Guerrero hits big league pitching.

Guerrero, of course, isn't the first big leaguer to show off his power in the world of slow-pitch softball. Former slugger Matt Stairs was a slow-pitch softball legend. And CC Sabathia has recently been seen crushing softballs in Central Park.