Aggressive White Sox won't slow down on bases

June 11th, 2017

CLEVELAND -- "Be aggressive" has been a mantra followed by the White Sox since Rick Renteria took over the managerial reigns.

Sometimes, though, that aggressiveness takes them into unchartered or unwanted waters, such as Saturday night against the Indians at Progressive Field. The visitors were able to snap a three-game skid via a 5-3 victory, but they did so while making five outs on the basepaths.

"It was super aggressive but not necessarily good. Maybe a little reckless," Renteria said. "Some of the outs that we made were aggressive outs."

Those outs on the basepaths were, in order:

caught stealing third in the first.

thrown out at home to end the second on 's double.

trying to go from first to third on a Frazier infield single, with doing a good job of getting back to the base to tag him out in the third.

• Abreu trying to stretch a single into a double leading off the fifth but getting nailed when he couldn't get back to the bag after initially avoiding ' tag.

popping up a suicide squeeze bunt in the eighth, with eventually being doubled off of third.

"As far as us trying to score at the plate a couple times, we're going to try to score runs. That happens," Renteria said. "They have to make a perfect throw, they make a perfect throw, they get the out. It's fine.

"Fraz trying to turn into Phantasma. He was a little ghost over there. I don't think he thought they were going to see him going to third. I'm sure that he'd thought about that again a little bit. That might've been the only one where realistically it wasn't really an aggressive play, more him just trying to take third in a situation of which it probably wasn't the best."

The White Sox don't plan to change their overall approach as much as being a little more prudent with their aggressiveness.

"Since Day 1, we have been a team that runs out everything and tries to take the aggressive approach on offense," said , who earned a two-inning save. "Guys got thrown out that very easily could have not been thrown out and we could have had more runs on the board.

"Today didn't work out for us but might next time. The Indians are a good team. They play defense really well. They are hitting their cutoffs and making their throws. Their relays were great. They got a lot of outs. That's stealing outs when we were making mistakes."