This is why Carlos Carrasco is called Cookie

It's pretty simple, actually

January 8th, 2021

Carlos Carrasco was traded along with Francisco Lindor to the Mets on Thursday. It's the biggest deal of the offseason -- involving some big-time talent and, most importantly, some big-time nicknames. Lindor is known as Mr. Smile because, well ...

And Carrasco is known as Cookie.

Why Cookie? Well, it's not that complicated. Teammate Chris Perez caught the pitcher eating cookies in the clubhouse back in 2011. Cookies and milk, to be exact. Because you can't really have one without the other.

Fortunately for Carrasco, the Mets are a very cookie-friendly organization. The team has a literal cookie club, where they hang out and eat tons of cookies. And Citi Field is host to Cookie DŌ -- a concession that dumps a bunch of cookie dough into a cup for you. Heaven, for a man named Cookie.