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World Series Game 2: Dave Roberts postgame interview

October 26, 2017

Q. Do the Houston Astros in any way remind you of the Dodgers?DAVE ROBERTS: They do. There's a lot of parallels. You look at the offensive power. These guys, they can do a lot of things, and they fight to the last out. They play 27 outs. And that's the

Q. Do the Houston Astros in any way remind you of the Dodgers?
DAVE ROBERTS: They do. There's a lot of parallels. You look at the offensive power. These guys, they can do a lot of things, and they fight to the last out. They play 27 outs. And that's the same thing we do. And it was one of those games that just ran out of outs. But those guys, to their credit against a very good bullpen, they tacked on runs, kept going.
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Q. How much thought did you give to bringing in Jansen for a clean inning, if you were going to go to him for a six-out save?
DAVE ROBERTS: I thought about it. I thought about it. But I just felt that where Morrow's pitch count was at right there, and we had him being able to go one-plus. So I just felt that Bregman had a really good at-bat against Kenley last night, and I felt if Brandon can get Bregman, then I was going to go to Kenley then.
Q. Can you describe that roller coaster of emotions through those innings of going up, tying it and obviously a loss?
DAVE ROBERTS: I mean, honestly it was an exciting baseball game. It's two teams that competed for 27 outs. And, yeah, it was an emotional roller coaster. There were some big plays defensively. Some big pitches made. Obviously some big hits and big homers. And the focus was there. Guys were playing hard on both sides. And unfortunately we came up short.
We didn't expect these guys to lay down. It's a very good ballclub over there. So take the day tomorrow and we'll be ready to go.
Q. Taking Rich after four, was there a chance he'd go longer?
DAVE ROBERTS: There was a chance. I just felt that right there at the top of their order coming up, and with the way our bullpen has been throwing, you look back behind that, we had three scoreless innings after that. So just trust the guys behind him, and the bottom line is I'll take Kenley any day of the week with a one-run lead going into the ninth inning.

Q. It seemed like their offense kind of woke up and they seized momentum. What do you guys do when you go down to Houston to try to stop that?
DAVE ROBERTS: Yeah, I think all year long we've done a nice job of recovering, turning the page, whether it's a big win or tough loss. It's a tough loss. Just refocusing on the day at hand. It's a travel day tomorrow.
And our guys play to the end. It was actually a very hard-fought game. Those are tough. Those are tough. Obviously on this stage it makes it a little tougher, but I have no doubt we'll come refocused.
Q. You mentioned you'd take Kenley any day with one inning to go and a one-run lead. What's the level of shock when you see him give it up, especially this time of year?
DAVE ROBERTS: Yeah, he's been virtually unhittable, Gonzalez put a good swing on an 0-2 pitch. And it was center cut. You tip your hat to him. And again, where Kenley's workload, where he was at, that part of the order, it's a great spot for him. And it just doesn't always go as planned. But I know that we'll all be ready to go.
Q. This team's been resilient all year. But the thing about it is that since really July you haven't been pressed. Pulled away in the Division, and 9-1 in the postseason, now you're kind of in an uncommon situation, 1-1, a series that's down to the last five games. What do you draw from all of this to where you are right now?
DAVE ROBERTS: Well, I think that -- yeah, if you look at the season, we sort of gave ourselves some breathing room out of the gate, and throughout the postseason won games early. But I still think that the preparation, the focus on each day to win each day, I think that will be there. Whether we're up 2-0 or tied 1-1 going into Houston, I don't think that's going to change our mindset.
Like you said, we've got a very resilient group, a lot of guys that have been around a long time. And so, like I said, we'll be ready to go.
Q. Your thought on Devenski's pickoff that hit the umpire there.
DAVE ROBERTS: That was one of those that Laz was in the right position and Devenski turned and misfired and it ended up hitting Laz. And we didn't get a chance to advance, but that's baseball. Things like that happen.
Q. And Correa's bat flip followed by Yasiel's laying the bat on the ground there?
DAVE ROBERTS: That's just, you know, obviously Correa put a good swing on it and he does what he does. And our guy kind of went the other way. So I'm not too concerned about that.