Yanks' Dominguez, 17, a giant among men

Does he swing with a tree trunk?

October 27th, 2020

It's hard to look at Yankees 17-year-old No. 1 prospect Jasson Dominguez and think anything but "HE'S HUGE" or "Good lord how," but Yankees Magazine's Jon Schwartz did a pretty good job in a profile back in August.

"Your eyes actually go to his shoulders, somehow wider and broader every time you blink. Then to his biceps, which all but tear through his too-small large shirt. You look at his body, and you see a guy who has never once skipped arm day, whose thighs are as big as midsize sedans."

The wunderkind outfielder from the Dominican Republic signed a deal with the Yanks earlier this year and since then, his workout videos have gone viral. And another one did on Tuesday.

Oh yeah, and he's a switch-hitter. This ball may have disintegrated when it hit Dominguez's bat.

"Not human" is a characteristic the outfielder has embraced, taking on the nickname "The Martian." He's been called the switch-hitting Mike Trout and already drawn comparisons to Mickey Mantle and Bo Jackson. Scouts have said he has 30/30 potential and a laser for an arm. He pushes giant tires around in the pouring rain like he's training to fight in Creed 3.

Dominguez is set to descend upon the pro baseball world with a Yankees Minor League affiliate next season. All humans should beware.