Manfred: Puig investigation ruling to come 'shortly'

March 8th, 2016

PHOENIX -- Commissioner Rob Manfred is expecting resolution to the domestic violence investigation involving Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig very soon.
"The investigation is essentially complete," Manfred told reporters Tuesday at Major League Baseball's Diversity Business Summit. "We'll have something on Puig shortly."
Manfred said that a public announcement will be made even if Puig is not suspended. Puig allegedly got into a heated exchange with a bouncer at a Miami bar in November. No charges were pressed, though there were reports that the incident involved an altercation between Puig and his sister.
As for the domestic violence case involving Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes, Manfred said he will wait for Reyes' legal process to run its course before making any determinations about his discipline. Reyes is alleged to have assaulted his wife in a Hawaii hotel in October, and he is scheduled to go to trial April 4.
Manfred entered Spring Training with three domestic violence cases on his plate. His 30-game suspension of Yankees reliever Aroldis Chapman -- a suspension that was not appealed -- was the first application of the domestic violence policy instituted by Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association last year.

"The fact that we imposed discipline and that the player accepted the discipline on our first outing under this new policy," said Manfred, "is really testimony to the quality of the policy we were able to develop with the MLBPA, and the depth of understanding that we have with them."