Sanchez honors his sons on Players' Weekend

Giolito memorializes his friend, peer Tyler Skaggs on uniform

August 24th, 2019

CHICAGO – When took his familiar spot at second base for the White Sox on Friday night against the Rangers, his two sons were close to him.

Closer than usual, actually. In honor of Players’ Weekend, Sanchez chose his special jersey to read “NOAH ALAN” -- representing his biggest fans.

“It means a lot,” said the always upbeat Sanchez. “Maybe they don’t understand right now. Alan is 3 months, and Noah is 4. But in the future, they see their dad picked their name to put on for Players’ Weekend. It’s going to be a cool moment, and they are going to love it.

“Maybe [Noah] understands it. But I know him, and he’s going to be jumping and happy, ‘My name is on dad’s jersey.’ We spend a lot of time here, but at the same time you have to take care of your family. This is a good moment to do it.”

Noah has been a frequent and entertaining figure in the White Sox clubhouse the past couple of years, and Sanchez praised his teammates for being so good with his son. But according to Sanchez, his son loves baseball as much as he loves the White Sox.

Noah just completed his first season of tee-ball in Chicago. Not only was he an All-Star, but he also won the home run derby as the player who hit the ball farthest off the tee.

“So, maybe he is going to hit more home runs than his dad,” Sanchez said. “I’m happy. I see his face when he plays baseball. He loves it. He’s in love with baseball, and I’m happy.”

Giolito pays tribute to Skaggs

’s Players’ Weekend jersey Friday was in tribute to Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs, who died at the age of 27 on July 1. The White Sox right-hander was a close friend of Skaggs and his family, and an offseason workout partner.

Skaggs was from Santa Monica, Calif., and took younger area players such as Giolito under his wing, showing the offseason routine and how to prepare for a season.

Giolito drew “45” on the mound in his first start after Skaggs passed. He also has 45 on his hat, along with “RIP45” and “BTS,” which means “Bring the Spark,” a Skaggs thing, per Giolito.

“I still have [RIP45] on my normal game hat. That's kind of been what I've been doing,” Giolito said. “I think it's beautiful. Across the league, guys are doing different things. I know this isn't the only thing.

“Some guys will have ‘Forty Five’ or just his last name, things like that. Just continuing to see the impact he had on so many guys in this league, and that's not going to stop. We're going to continue to remember him and honor him.”

Brewers outfielders Ryan Braun and Christian Yelich and third baseman Mike Moustakas, Nationals starter Patrick Corbin, Cardinals starter Jack Flaherty, Braves starter Max Fried and Rangers reliever Jesse Chavez and first baseman/outfielder Scott Heineman are wearing jerseys with a tribute to Skaggs on the back in lieu of their previously chosen Players’ Weekend nicknames. Giolito will return to “BIG FOOT” for Saturday and Sunday.

“I want to say it originated in our group chat of all the guys that were really close to Tyler,” Giolito said. “Maybe it was Ryan Braun's suggestion. I couldn't tell you exactly whose suggestion it was, but someone suggested that we change up our nicknames and dedicate a day or the weekend to Tyler by putting a “Love You Ty” on there.

“It's just weird day by day. He's not here anymore. The biggest thing for me is when I think about his family. Obviously, his parents and [wife] Carli, knowing that they were just about to start a family and all that, it's really tough to process. I just feel so badly for them. But all we can do is be there and lend our support in every way possible and continue to honor him and his memory.”

Jimenez remains out of action

Left fielder missed a second straight game with right hip flexor soreness. Jimenez pronounced himself available, if necessary, on Friday but hoped for a Saturday return. The injury happened in his second at-bat Wednesday against the Twins.

“I feel much better than yesterday,” Jimenez said Friday. “Yesterday was the worst, but today I feel good. It's just a couple days, and I'll be back to normal.

“In the second at-bat, I felt it. It was a little bit on my hip. I didn't want to get out of the game. Yesterday, I felt more soreness that day. But today I felt good.”