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Comunidad Awards

Each year, the Padres have recognized four individuals or organizations making a positive impact within the region's Hispanic community in support of the Padres Foundation's four areas of emphasis: LIVE, LEARN, PLAY and SERVE.

The 2018 Comunidad Award Winners are:

LIVE: Gloria Newell

LEARN: Ana Reyes

PLAY: Jose Mercado 

SERVE: Officer, Raymus Payton

The nomination period for the 2019 Awards will be open next May. Please check back in to submit your nomination!

Past Comunidad Award Winners

2017 Yolanda Walther Meade Venus Molina Al Alvarado Jesse Navarro
2016 Humberto Gurmilan Andrea Skorepa Janett Gaytan Dr. Adolfo Gonzales
2015 Niki Mani Gaby Beas Alex Rejto Edwin Garrette
2014 Jose Montaño Foundation La Maestra Community Center Ricardo Lopez Association of Naval Services Officers (ANSO)
2013 Emilio Nares Foundation and Friends of Scott Foundation Aldo Sanchez Ramon Aldana Los Bomberos de San Diego
2012 Dr. Raul Trejo Armando Cataño Daynara Castillo N/A