Kellie Sullivan from San Diego named Padres 2021 "Honorary Bat Girl"

May 3rd, 2021

SAN DIEGO – As part of Major League Baseball’s “Honorary Bat Girl” initiative, the San Diego Padres today named Kellie Sullivan as their 2021 honoree. The “Honorary Bat Girl” initiative is commemorated each Mother’s Day and honors MLB Club representatives highlighting their extraordinary efforts in support of the fight against breast cancer.

After being diagnosed with Stage I Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in January of 2020, doctors found additional cancerous cells in February of 2020 advancing her to Stage II. Sullivan, who led a healthy and active lifestyle up until her diagnosis, endured a lumpectomy, several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation before being declared cancer free on August 25, 2020. Through the support of her friends and family, Kellie was able to overcome the biggest obstacle of her life by displaying her signature qualities of being driven, tenacious, persistent, and strong. Drawing on her experience as a fitness guru and personal trainer, Kellie partnered with Padres Pedal the Cause, one of San Diego’s largest annual cancer research fundraising events, to lead their World Without Cancer Day virtual spin class while wrapping up her final days of chemotherapy. Today, she continues to support Padres Pedal the Cause and their fundraising efforts while living her life to the fullest.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of helping people tap into their potential…of assisting them in realizing they can do so much more than they ever imagined! My battle with breast cancer gifted me with the realization that I am incredibly strong,” said Sullivan. “This epiphany, combined with my uncanny ability to motivate and inspire people to explore their untapped potential, aligns perfectly with my role at Padres Pedal the Cause as well as my role as Honorary Bat Girl for the San Diego Padres! It is in both of these roles that I hope to help anyone battling cancer, anyone supporting someone battling cancer or anyone facing a major challenge realize they have greatness, strength and tenacity within themselves.”

With the team being out of town on Mother’s Day, the Padres will recognize Sullivan’s strength and commitment to helping others in the fight against this disease by honoring her tonight prior to their game against the Pittsburgh Pirates at 7:10 p.m. She received a goodie box of pink items and will throw out the game’s Ceremonial First Pitch as part of a prerecorded ceremony before enjoying the game from a suite. The Padres will also be making a $5,000 donation in her honor to Padres Pedal the Cause for their virtual fundraising event on Saturday, May 8. For more information on Padres Pedal the Cause, or to participate in the event, visit