Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation and Ellen and Clayton Kershaw award over $300K to Liberty Hill’s California Funders for Boys and Men of Color initiative in support of social justice

LADF, Dodger Players Continue “In This Together” Commitment With #AmplifyingVoices and Listening Sessions  

September 28th, 2020

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation (LADF) announced today a $304,400 award to support Liberty Hill’s California Funders for Boys and Men of Color: Our Kids, Our Future Fund (CFBMoC). The funds include a generous match from Ellen and Clayton Kershaw, proceeds from the Dodgers Opening Day Black Lives Matter auction and sales of special-edition shirts. LADF Gives, LADF’s grantmaking program, will award the funds to CFBMoC to support 13 Southern California community partners working with the County of Los Angeles to develop the most comprehensive approach to youth development in the nation. LADF and Dodger players will continue their “In This Together” commitment with #AmplifyingVoices and future listening sessions.

"Ellen and I are proud to partner on the "In This Together" campaign. Along with my teammates, I remain committed to continuing to amplify the voices of Black leaders and organizations fighting for change. Change starts with tough conversations, and we as a team want to continue to listen, learn and take action to help build a more equitable society," said Kershaw.

Together with LADF, the players will continue to participate in listening sessions with the community leaders of local grassroots social justice organizations to learn more about their work and impact. Players will also use their social media platforms as part of LADF’s #AmplifyingVoices campaign to showcase nonprofits and elevate their efforts.

“This work is critical in helping Los Angeles County become the nation’s leader in youth development,” said Liberty Hill President/CEO Shane Murphy Goldsmith. “This investment is a huge boost to the on-the-ground social justice organizations we support, and it will ensure youth in Los Angeles have the resources and programs they need to thrive. We are so grateful for the support of the Dodgers Foundation.”

Organizations will focus on the strengths of Black, Brown and Native American families and communities so that youth of color thrive and establish a strong foundation for life and grow into healthy adults. Specific programs include expanding school-based interventions intended to address trauma and increase the academic achievement of 500 Black, Brown, and Native American youth in Los Angeles County. Community groups will also partner with local businesses and community groups across Los Angeles to develop and test pilot programs designed to improve hiring practices for justice involved young adults.

“Historic injustices threaten youth, families, and communities making it difficult for them to succeed,” said Nichol Whiteman, LADF’s Chief Executive Officer. “This grant is crucial as we invest in people and organizations on the front lines advocating for Black and Brown communities, who often lack resources and support.”

Organizations supported by CFBMoCinclude: Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network, Anti-Recidivism Coalition, Brotherhood Crusade, Brothers, Sons, Selves Coalition, Children's Defense Fund-CA, Community Coalition, InnerCity Struggle, Khmer Girls in Action, LA Youth Uprising Coalition, LeadersUp, Social Justice Learning Institute, Urban Peace Institute, and Youth Justice Coalition.