Seattle Mariners announce collaboration with Oura Health

First Major League Baseball team to use Oura Rings to measure sleep and recovery for optimized performance on the field

September 24th, 2020

SEATTLE and SAN FRANCISCO — September 24, 2020 — The Seattle Mariners today announced a collaboration with Oura Health, the company behind the smart ring that provides personalized insights on sleep and overall health, to use Oura Rings for players and staff. The rings will arm team members with biometric data about their sleep, activity and recovery habits, and deliver a holistic overview of their health and performance readiness.

Through the use of Oura Rings, the Seattle Mariners will receive actionable insights into the connection between sleep, recovery and overall health. Rigorously vetted and validated for fidelity, the Oura Ring tracks all stages of sleep by measuring key physiological signals such as temperature, heart rate, heart rate variability and respiratory rate. This data feeds into a daily Sleep Score served up each morning in the Oura app, as well as a Readiness Score which allows the person to use data to quantify how their body is recovering and help guide the next day’s activities. Taken together, these metrics will help the Seattle Mariners analyze the impact of their sleep and training regimen on the body’s ability to perform at its best.

“We are thrilled the Seattle Mariners have chosen Oura to help take their training and conditioning programs to the next level,” said Harpreet Singh Rai, Oura CEO. “Proper recovery is critical to professional athletes since it directly impacts their ability to train and perform at their best. The Oura Ring measures changes in a person’s biometric data with unmatched precision, empowering team members to better monitor their health and make more informed decisions to achieve performance goals.”

"We believe that the restorative value of sleep is critical to a championship model,” said Jerry Dipoto, Executive VP & General Manager, Seattle Mariners. “As such, the opportunity for us to partner with Oura is an exciting step in our ongoing pursuit of high performance, both on the field and off."

“Any position in baseball will feel the grind of the travel schedule and playing games nearly every day. As an athletic trainer, having a clear mind keeps me on the top of my game through the season. The Oura Ring helps guide me to optimize my sleep and minimize the brain fog that can easily creep in during the season,” said Kyle Torgerson, Head Athletic Trainer of the Seattle Mariners.

Mariners outfielder Mitch Haniger has already been an avid user of the Oura Ring. “I use my Oura Ring every day to track my recovery. I rely heavily on feedback from my ring when I make adjustments to my workouts, diet and supplements. The data is extremely valuable and has given me critical feedback and validated the adjustments I've been making in order to maximize my recovery."

With the onset of COVID-19, Oura’s technology carries additional benefits as signals from the ring have been found to uncover potential early signs of illness. Recently, Oura, alongside two major research institutions, has donated Oura Rings to thousands of frontline healthcare workers. Oura Rings have been used in TemPredict, a study at UCSF, and in a separate study at West Virginia University—contributing to a growing body of research on illness detection, symptom profiles, and recovery.

More information about the Oura Ring can be found online at