All-Star Week Volunteer Program


Who am I volunteering for?

You will be volunteering for the Denver Sports Commission. Major League Baseball is assisting with the volunteer registration process and coordination of various volunteer activities.

How many unpaid volunteers is there room for?

Approximately 2,200 unpaid volunteers may represent Colorado by welcoming our guests from around the world and ensuring a great experience for all our guests.

What types of volunteer opportunities are there?

Volunteer opportunities may involve PLAY BALL PARK, hospitality, guest experience, rehearsals for pre-game ceremonies or transportation.

What is the volunteer registration process?

You will be invited by email to create a profile in our volunteer management system and to attend a volunteer information session in late May/early June. You then will be notified of your acceptance and sent a link to sign up for the specific opportunities for which you would like to volunteer during MLB All-Star Week. This information then will be processed and you will receive your confirmed schedule and orientation information. All unpaid volunteers must pass a background check to the satisfaction of Major League Baseball and the Denver Sports Commission.

Can I volunteer for both PLAY BALL PARK and other MLB events?

Yes, We appreciate your excitement. You will be able to select opportunities that are available throughout MLB All-Star Week.

Are there any requirements to volunteer?

Yes. All unpaid volunteers must be 18 years of age as of the date of their online registration, must sign a release of liability, waiver of class or collective action claims, agreement to arbitrate claims and eligibility form and must pass a background check to the satisfaction of Major League Baseball and the Denver Sports Commission. A valid driver’s license or state identification may be used as proof of age. Volunteer opportunities will be provided on an equal basis without regard to age, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression or disability.

When will I know if I have been selected to be an unpaid volunteer?

All selected unpaid volunteers will be notified of their acceptance following the information session and sent a link to sign up for the specific dates and times you would like to volunteer.

What type of information is provided to an unpaid volunteer?

All selected unpaid volunteers will be given information during at least one information session pertaining to the specific event(s) in which they are participating. Most information sessions will take place in the morning and/or evening in early July. If you are selected, information on these sessions will be sent to you. If you cannot attend, please contact the volunteer coordinators.

What if an unpaid volunteer cannot attend his/her selected opportunity?

If, after you attend the information session, you cannot attend your selected opportunity or if you decide you do not want to volunteer, you will need to let us know. We will try to offer you another unpaid volunteer opportunity that fits your schedule or we will select an alternative volunteer.

Can you be a volunteer if you do not live in Colorado?

Yes. While the intent of the volunteer program is to build local excitement and involvement for the All-Star Week experience, we also want baseball fans from all over to have the chance to volunteer. We welcome both local residents as well as individuals from out of town to complete the volunteer pool.

Are there any volunteer opportunities at ballpark events?

Volunteers will not be needed for the Home Run Derby or All-Star Game. However, there may be opportunities available to help prepare for these events prior to the event dates.

What should I wear while volunteering?

Volunteers will be provided with a shirt, cap and cinch drawstring backpack. While volunteering, individuals can wear sneakers and khaki shorts or pants.

Is there a minimum number of days that I need to volunteer?

Individuals will be asked to volunteer for three opportunities. Volunteer hours are determined by your availability for specific days.

Will I receive any compensation as a volunteer?

No. All volunteer opportunities are unpaid. Volunteers are not entitled to any employment benefits.

Will volunteers have an area to store personal belongings?

There will not be a secure location to store belongings. Volunteers will be provided a cinch drawstring backpack where they should keep all of their personal belongings.

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