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On Veterans Day, here are 10 patriotic moments from the 2013 season

Photos via Real-Time Correspondents

Monday is Veterans Day, so let's look back at a few memories from the 2013 baseball season:

The Oriole Bird holds the flag steady at Camden Yards:

Oriole bird

A young Royals fan decked out in red, white and blue:

Royals, girl

Angel Stadium honors Armed Forces Day with a WWII aircraft flyover:

flyover, Angels

Patriotic ties at Dodger Stadium:

LAD, ties

And hats at Coors Field:

rockies, hat

Military Appreciation Day at Wrigley Field:


After serving time overseas, Lieutenant Brandon Neel surprises his parents at Dodger Stadium on Memorial Day:

LAD reunion

Hot dogs get the U.S.A. treatment at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington: 

hot dog

A Monstah flag at Fenway Park:

Fenway, flag

And in one of the more amazing soldier-child reunions of the year, Army Lieutenant Colonel William Adams pretends to be a Rays catcher, before pulling off his mask and revealing his true identity to his daughter: 

TB reunion