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Vin Scully is back for his 67th season, so let's celebrate his greatest calls

Celebrate Vin Scully returning with his best calls

If you heard a mighty roar rise up from the West Coast and spread across the nation on Friday night like a great crescendo of human joy and were wondering why, now you know: Vin Scully, the venerated voice of the Dodgers, will be returning for his 67th season behind the mic in 2016

That's right, that means Scully, who's been calling Dodgers games before Los Angeles was even a part of their name, is going to be back to share his insight, his stories and his "Uggla means owl" facts which have defined the game that we love for generations. For many on the East Coast, where Dodgers games go until long after midnight, he's even narrated our dreams as we fell asleep to Scully's baseball lullaby.

So with the legend coming back for at least one more season of memories and highlights, let's look back at 17 of the most memorable moments that Scully has called over the years. 

Scully has been a part of plenty of big moments, like Sandy Koufax's perfect game. He even managed to drop in prose poetry like "A lot of people in the ballpark now are starting to see the pitches with their hearts."

He was on hand to call Hank Aaron's 715th

And he was there for the improbable turning into the impossible. 

He was the man who called the infamous Bill Buckner play in 1986:

And called Bo Jackson's 1989 All-Star Game home run, upstaging President Reagan along the way:

When three-time Cy Young award winner and William Tell-impersonator Clayton Kershaw threw a no-hitter last June, you better believe Scully was on hand

But what makes Scully so great isn't just his ability to call the milestones. It's the skill, humor and passion he brings to every moment. He changed up his signature call when the Dodgers were like Disney's The Rescuers and went Down Under

I mean, even Australian fans want to impersonate the man: 

Scully has dabbled in Japanese

And busted out some So You Think You Can Dance-style criticism: 

He gave us nightmares by telling us how Jonny Gomes survived a wolf attack

And who knew he was such a gourmand?

Or a lover of classic literature?  

He can even make bird poop romantic.  

Scully was kind enough to recall the time he got Babe Ruth's autograph, kind of:

And gave some amazing history lessons like when J.D. Salinger was meant to be at Normandy on D-Day

He even went full You Got Served! while breaking down a young fan's break-dance moves:

Though Scully wasn't there, we can even imagine him calling Washington's crossing of the Delaware, too. 

"Washington, you'll remember, is no stranger to midnight tactics. The general's performance during the French and Indian War makes us think that he has to be considered a real threat to the British squad.

The first Durham boats are only a few feet away from the far bank now. The rest of the soldiers are looking on with as many butterflies in their chests as they have bullets in their muzzle bags."

Here's to another year of "It's time for Dodger baseball," and dozens upon dozens of other memorable moments. 

(An earlier version of this post was originally published on July 30, 2014)

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