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100 years ago, a baseball game was called on account of the players being 'tired'

Sounds like a joke, right? "Okay, so, this team of baseball players decided they didn't want to play anymore because they were tired, so the umpire said ..." The only thing missing is the punchline. But no, 100 years ago, on Oct. 23, 1915, that's exactly how a ballgame ended. 

On the last day of the season, the Western League Wichita Wolves and Topeka Jayhawks had a doubleheader to play before heading home for the offseason. After Topeka jumped out to an early lead in the second game, and with the playoffs all wrapped up, the Wichita players told the umpire "they were tired out." Rather than let the game continue into "a farce," the ump listened to their pleas and ended the game after six innings, even "though it was still light." 

The winner of both games was Bert Hall, a pitcher who had tossed 18 innings with the Phillies in 1911, giving up only one run in the one-and-a-half games played that day. Oddly enough, Jimmy Jackson, Topeka's manager, would go on to manage Wichita the next season. He would take over from the two amazingly named managers who guided Wichita in '15: Buzzy Wares and Ham Patterson.


That's not all, though. Not surprisingly, for two teams more interested in going home than finishing their games, Topeka would fold at the end of the 1916 season. Wichita would move to Colorado Springs for 12 games at the end of the '16 season, then moving back to Wichita and becoming the Witches in 1917, then renaming themselves again (they became the Jobbers) in 1918, before reverting back to the Wolves in 1919. Oh yeah, then they were back to the Jobbers in 1920, before doubling back to the Witches in 1921. Honestly, this team is like Andy's band in "Parks and Recreation."

(h/t Baseball Think Factory)