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Put on your finest stirrup socks and vote for the first annual Cut4 Baseball Fashion Awards

Here are the 2015 Cut4 Baseball Fashion Awards

Over the past few weeks, we've been celebrating the very best that baseball had to offer in 2015 -- from defensive wizards to sluggers of all sizes to managers. Which is all great, but we have just one question: What of the fashion? Because while this past season was filled with all manner of bat flips and comebacks and balk-offs, it also featured some stellar stirrups and sneakers and uniform madness.

So, we're giving the game's trendsetters their due the only way we know how: by handing out some fake awards. It's time for the first annual Cut4 Baseball Fashion Awards, honoring the best jerseys, shirseys and everything in between. The nominees in five different categories are below. Scroll through them all, and make sure to cast your vote. First up:

Best Minor League Novelty Uniform

The Class A Frederick Keys go "Rugrats"

What happens when a baseball team gets swallowed whole by '90s nostalgia? This happens:

The Fresno Grizzlies become the Fresno Tacos

There's not a ton going on with the uniforms themselves, but Fresno more than makes up for it because 1) they named the team after a taco and 2) the logo was just a taco:

The Altoona Curve visit Mr. Rogers' neighborhood

When the Pirates' Double-A affiliate decided to use a Mr. Rogers theme, they didn't mess around -- they turned the whole sweater into the uniform:

The Arkansas Travelers turn America into a jersey

The Travelers made things very simple: A vote against this uniform is a vote against democracy itself.

Eagle uniform


Best Socks

Andrew McCutchen becomes the Pirates' fashion designer

Having clearly conquered the baseball world, Cutch discovered a new passion in 2015 -- designer of fantastically striped socks:

Cutch socks

The A's honor Barry Zito with his signature sock

How best to send off arguably the foremost proprietor of the high-socked look? Let your whole team rock it:

Zito socks

Stephen Vogt and Jesse Chavez bust out the rare paint-on stirrups

Sure, it's a bit of a Little League move, but come on -- remember how awesome Little League was?

A's socks

Brad Miller's Stirrup Special

Combining the glory of a stirrup sock (with a saucy wide opening) with the fashion-forward focus of a two-tone stripe, Brad Miller is essentially quoting Will Smith from Men in Black every time he takes the field. 



Best Fan Outfit

Long live the fan umpires

Their title as Reigning Fan Umpires was briefly usurped by a couple of intrepid Giants fans, but fear not -- the two took to Citi Field soon enough to reclaim the throne. 

Fake umps

Bryce Harper meets The Ultimate Warrior

The only thing more awesome than getting to dress up as Bryce Harper? Finding a way to incorporate this guy:


One Giants fan has a fever ... and the only cure is more cowbell

Presented without comment:

Giants cowbell

One Rays fan gets really, really into Kevin Kiermaier Outlaw Action Figure Night

Why bother with the hassle of obtaining a commemorative action figure when you can just become the commemorative action figure?

Kiermaier outlaw


Best Footwear

Brett Gardner's pure white cleats

All-white gloves: Hamburger Helper. All-white cleats: Impossibly fly.

Gardner cleats

Lance McCullers' Batman cleats

Between A.J. Burnett and Matt "The Dark Knight" Harvey, 2015 was a competitive year for Batman pitchers. But only Astros rookie Lance McCullers rocked the Batman cleats in his first career start:

Mike Trout's shoes are guaranteed to make you as awesome as Mike Trout

At least, they certainly look like they'll give you the ability to leap outfield walls in a single bound:

Trout shoe

Jeremy Guthrie's self-lacing "Back to the Future" sneakers

In the year to which Marty and Doc traveled forward in "Back to the Future Part II," there were plenty of promotions and a lot of celebration. But only Jeremy Guthrie put his shoes where his feet were and made the self-lacing shoes a reality:

Guthrie shoes


Best Accessories

Noah Syndergaard really is Thor, according to his glove

In addition to controlling the hammer Mjolnir and a 100-mph fastball, Noah Syndergaard is pretty great at locking down his brand space:

Thor glove

Bryce Harper celebrates the Fourth of July with a star-spangled bat -- and a dinger

When your bat is forged using the American flag and sheer magic, we should be surprised if you don't hit a home run with it:

Harper HR

Yoenis Cespedes sports a neon arm sleeve

At the time, we just assumed he wanted to look cool. Little did we know, he was simply thinking of the birds:

Cespedes parakeet

Jonathan Herrera sparks the Cubs to victory using a terrifying batting helmet

We're all for superstitions, just not when they also serve as nightmare fuel:

Hands helmet


Thank you for fulfilling your civic duty and casting a vote both for fashion and the democratic process. We'll announce the winners on Monday, November 23.