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The Mets and Royals answer a crucial question: What would their Secret Service code names be?

Mets and Royals pick their Secret Service code names

Playing in the World Series can bring you a whole lot of attention. It's the game's biggest stage, after all, and fans are willing to immortalize you as a jack-o-lantern just for getting there. But the spotlight also requires some precautions, if only to keep all those adoring fans at bay from time to time. And so, as the teams face off in this year's Fall Classic, we made sure the Mets and Royals were prepared -- by askng them what their Secret Service code name would be. 

First up was Kansas City, who came up with a solid variety of secret identities. There was the heroic, like Kris Medlen as "Nighthawk," to the more elegant, like Drew Butera's choice of "Peacock." But only Jonny Gomes truly appreciated the gravity of the endeavor: "It would not be appropriate for me to tell you, cause it's secret. So we'll keep it at that." Well played, Mr. Gomes.

As for the Mets, reliever Tyler Clippard adopted his real-life nickname -- the Pink Panther. No, really:

Lucas Duda opted for a simpler approach, going with "Dude" in what we're just going to assume is a "Big Lebowski" reference. The award for the downright weirdest code name, though, goes to Jon Niese, who drew inspiration from his Citi Field entrance song: "Fred Bear," by Ted Nugent. 

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