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Prepare for the World Series with five of the Mets' best pop-culture moments

Five of the Mets' best pop culture moments

There have been plenty of memorable moments for the Mets on the field since they were last in the World Series 15 years ago, and even more since they won it all in 1986. Heck, there have been enough for a 12-part Ken Burns documentary just in this postseason. But the Mets have also spent the last 29 years keeping busy off the field -- the team has a rich pop-culture history to match their play.

So it's time to get ready for the Mets' upcoming run at a World Series championship with five of the best Mets pop-culture moments since the last time they took home the title: 

Bernard Gilkey's Men in Black cameo with a UFO

Hopefully no UFOs hover over Citi Field during the World Series and distract one of the Mets' outfielders during a pop fly. Not only would that scenario hurt the Mets' championship odds, it could be a harbinger of an intergalactic conflict that could very well destroy the Milky Way. Best to leave that to the movies. 


City Slickers

Whenever I picture a hypothetical "Mets fan," I picture Mitch Robbins, Billy Crystal's character in City Slickers. And while Crystal himself is a Yankees fan, he gets asked about that Mets hat so often, I'm going to go ahead and call it iconic.

Jon Stewart interviews Matt Harvey

This is less one specific moment and more a long history of Stewart's fervent dedication to the Mets. He may not be on the air anymore, but we'll always have him begging Matt Harvey to stay healthy:

Apu is a big fan of the NY Mets baseball squadron

Any ballclub would be lucky to have Apu among its faithful. He even calls a pretty good game:

Jerry Seinfeld's favorite episode

This might very well be the greatest confluence of baseball and television ever. He's Keith Hernandez! The magic loogie! The mustache!


The Mets were only three years old, hadn't yet won a World Series and didn't have much to do with the show itself, but the Beatles' historic concert at Shea Stadium turned 50 years old in 2015. Probably not a coincidence.

And who could forget the time the '86 Mets preempted Saturday Night Live for the first time ever?

Did we miss any? Do you have your own favorite? Let us know in the comments below. 

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