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23 years ago, pitcher Butch Henry recorded his first hit ... an inside-the-park homer

In 1992, Butch Henry was just a 23-year-old rookie pitcher for the Houston Astros. By May 8 of that year, he had pitched to two losses and received no decisions in his other three games. And hitting? Well, let's just say he was nowhere close to the other early-90's Butch that was was powering his way through the National League.

But on this day 23 years ago, Henry did become the first (and only) player to hit an inside-the-park home run for his first career hit:

Henry would never record another home run again and only pitched another six seasons in the big leagues. He was, however, an integral part of that what-could've-been Expos team in 1994 -- tallying an 8-3 record, 2.43 ERA and a .290/.353/.323 batting line.