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Abide by these 5 rules of eating nachos at an MLB game

If you're looking to chow down on a deliciously layered snack while watching a professional baseball game, you're clearly looking for nachos. Thankfully, MLB's got ya covered with gluttonous monstrosities like "The Tanaco" and "brisket-achos." But there's more than just a financial investment that goes into enjoying, nay, savoring ... those beautiful piles of carbohydrates covered in meat, cheese and vegetables.

Spider-Man taught us that with great power comes great responsibility. It is with that in mind that we honor National Nachos Day by cooking up the five most important rules of making the most of your nachos experience at MLB games.

1. "If you get the nachos stuck together ... that's one nacho."

This rule is universal and almost goes without saying, but there's certainly no harm done by reiterating the most crucial law governing all people consuming (or sharing) nachos.

2. If a player on the field wants to bum a nacho, you let him bum a nacho


Playing professional baseball is no easy task, and sometimes guys can get hungry while they're out in the field for long periods of time -- away from the comforts of their dugout, like sunflower seeds and bubble gum. So, if Prince Fielder or some other MLB star strays over toward the stands to make a play and winds up with a nacho or five (see Rule No. 1), please remember that sharing is caring.

3. Do not try to use your nachos as a baseball glove


Foul balls and home runs that leave the field of play make for wonderful, hard-earned souvenirs if you're lucky enough to get your hands on them. But notice that we said "hands" and not "nachos." When you played Little League ball, you didn't bring nachos out to left field with you, so it stands to reason that your nachos probably won't serve as a very effective baseball glove.

4. Do not leave your nachos unprotected


But, even avoiding using your nachos as a glove won't always provide sufficient protection for your edible masterpiece. So, we advise keeping them close to your chest and out of the reach of people in your immediate vicinity (unless it would violate Rule No. 2, of course). You never know what could happen if you leave your nachos exposed to the elements.

5. Holding nachos does not mean that you can't (or won't) be able to catch a foul ball


You'll just have to hone your multitasking skills like that guy. Homeboy didn't even slow down. Just reached right up and snagged that thing out of a the sky. He successfully abided by Rules 3-5 in one swift motion. All nacho consumers should aspire to be more like that guy.