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5 things we learned about Mets baseball from Doc Gooden and Ty Burrell

Phil Dunphy Ty Burrell recently stopped by the studios to talk about his forthcoming film Mr. Peabody and Sherman, based on the beloved cartoons featured in The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show.

Of course, no trip to the offices is complete without some baseball chit-chat and a visit from Dwight Gooden.

Here are five things we learned when the Mets great talked hardball with a huge Mets fan:

1. Doc Gooden is the man

OK, we kinda already knew that. But just look at Burrell's eyes light up when he sees Doc walk through the door:



2. Mike Cameron's four-homer game deserves more love

Burrell is right -- Mike Cameron did once go yard four times in a single game back in 2002. Sure, it came during his time with the Mariners (he later joined the Mets in 2004), but it was pretty incredible.

Let's jump in Mr. Peabody's wayback machine:


3. Keith Hernandez was an amazing teammate

According to Gooden, Keith Hernandez was a wonderful clubhouse presence. No matter the day, situation or score, Hernandez was always positive and focused -- even while on a date.

Gooden was a big, big fan:



4. Curtis Granderson brings more than just talent to the roster

Both Burrell and Gooden say that leadership is one of the most important traits for a teammate, either on a diamond or in front of a camera. They agreed that Granderson's signing didn't just bring a great hitter to the team -- it brought a great leader.

But according to Burrell, it helps that Grandy is a great baseball player first:

"When you work with somebody who treats people well, works really hard, you know, is good enough to be a leader -- you don't get to be a full-on leader unless you have some talent as well. But you watch somebody be that person all the time, it ends up having way more of an impact than talking."


5. The Mets' youngsters are coming -- get ready

Pitcher Zack Wheeler already put together a solid rookie campaign. Prospects Noah Syndergaard and Travis d'Arnaud could do the same this season, and both Burrell and Gooden think the future in Flushing is quite bright.

Particularly Ty "Eternal Optimist" Burrell, who took the praise one step further: