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55-year-old Julio Franco to play for the independent league Fort Worth Cats

55-year-old Julio Franco making comeback

There are those that think the Highlander is a fictitious creation -- that there is no such thing as an immortal warrior. The existence of Julio Franco would say otherwise. 

Franco, who became the oldest player to hit a home run when he knocked one out against Randy Johnson on May 4, 2007 as a 48-year-old (breaking his own record in the process), will be joining the Fort Worth Cats as a player/coach later this month at the age of 55. To put that in perspective, Franco is the same age or older than nineteen current Major League managers.

By suiting up for the Cats, Franco will have played in five different decades since his career started in the Pioneer League in 1978. Along the way, Franco suited up for eight Major League teams with stints in Korea, Japan and Mexico. Dude must have a gazillion frequent flyer miles and free upgrades out the wazoo. 

And when Franco must battle in the Gathering against the other immortals, I fully expect Franco to emerge victorious once again.