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80 years ago today, Babe Ruth signed with the Boston Braves

80 years ago, Babe Ruth signed with the Braves

When Babe Ruth first made the trek from Boston to New York, he changed the look of baseball forever, becoming the most impressive slugger the game had ever seen. 

When he returned to Boston, it was under very different circumstances.

Following a 15-year career with the Yankees in which the Sultan of Swat hit .349 with 659 home runs and 1,978 RBIs (leading the league in home runs 10 times along the way), and coming on the heels of Ruth's claim that the Yankees owned him the job of manager, the team released the slugger on Feb. 26, 1935.

He wouldn't be unemployed long. The 40-year-old slugger signed with the Boston Braves that very day.

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Ruth signed a three-year contract with the Braves to be their vice president, assistant manager, and slugging left fielder. Unfortunately, Ruth would only play in 28 games with the club, hitting .181 in 92 plate appearances, before retiring from the sport. 

Of course, because this is Babe Ruth we're talking about, his OPS was still a robust .789 with 6 home runs clearing the fence. Naturally his last three home runs all came on one day: May 25th, when he went 3-for-4 with three homers and six RBIs in a loss against the Pittsburgh Pirates. This Pirates fan was even in attendance that day. 

Even though he ended his career in Boston, Ruth would remain a Yankee at heart. Two years after he retired, Ruth could be spotted looking like a foppish dandy in his smoking jacket and Yankees cap while folding his familiar No. 3 Yankees jersey.

Why this look hasn't taken off with fashionistas is beyond understanding. 

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