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95 years ago, the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth's contract to the Yankees

95 years ago, Babe Ruth was sent to the Yankees

There are many kinds of curses. Some curses are born from biting into an apple in a Disney movie. Certain kinds of curses are punishable by (wizarding) law. Other, rarer curses sprout from the MLB Hot Stove -- like one particularly legendary one that began 95 years ago Friday.

Yes, nearly a century ago, the Red Sox sold the contract of one George Herman Ruth to the Yankees, and thus, one of MLB's most famous stories was born.


You know the one: The so-called Curse of the Bambino. The 86-year championship drought for the Red Sox. All those close calls. The 2004 ALCS comeback. Whether you believe in it or not, it all traces back to December 26, 1919.

Ruth's time with the Yankees is something they should teach in grade schools. Six hundred-and-fifty-nine of Ruth's 714 home runs would come in his 15 years in New York. In 1927 he would bat third -- one ahead of Lou Gerhig -- in a Yankees lineup better known as Murderers' Row. 

Cinematic classics would be made as an ode to his greatness. Curse or not, the Babe is the Babe. 

The sale of Ruth's contract 95 years ago is, quite possibly, the most famous MLB transaction of all time. We're still talking about it almost 100 years later, after all. 

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