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A children's guide to the 2011 postseason

A is for Atlanta
The home of the Braves
Whose golden arm named Kimbrel
Blew the most important of saves

B is for Beast Mode
Which swept Brewers Nation
Crew fans tailgated for games
Like they were on vacation

C is for Cruz
And his majestic blasts
If his bat keeps raking
A ringless history will be Texas' past

D is for Delmon
Whose last name is Young
He made five hurlers pay
For the pitches they hung

E is for error
And Pujols made a big one
Sorry post-game media
But Albert's gotta run!

F is for Freese
And his historic NLCS
Which pitcher could get him out
Was anybody's guess

G is for Granderson
And he's here for a reason
His catch against the Tigers
May be the best of the postseason

H is for Holland
And his World Series domination
Which gave his weak 'stache
Some needed validation

I is for inclement
Like the weather that postponed Game 6
There's plenty on The Wall
If you need a baseball fix

J is for Jon Jay
Who else could J be?
His play in centerfield
Is some of the best you will see

K is for Kid Rock
Who showed up at Comerica
Guess they didn't let him sing
God Bless America

L is for La Russa
Whose bullpen coach couldn't hear
Sorry Lance Lynn
Walk this guy and get outta here!

M is for Michael Young
On another hunt for a ring
A championship with Texas
Would be a beautiful thing

N is for Napoli
Who's as hot as a hitter can get
Hey Angels fans
Do you miss this guy yet?

O is for over
Because the season is for 28 teams
Now only the Cardinals or Rangers
Can fulfill their World Series dreams

P is for Pujols
Whose home runs come in threes
To a Game 6 victory
He could hold the keys

Q is for quiet
Which Busch Stadium won't be
We're expecting a sea of red
As far as the eye can see

R is for the Rally Squirrel
You all know who he is
Once he hit the field
The Cardinals were in biz

S is for St. Louis
Whose Cardinals are on quite a run
Because if you're not down 10 1/2 in September
It's just not as much fun.

T is for three
As in homers by Beltre in one game
His prowess against the Rays
Put their pitchers to shame

U is for unleashed
As in the arm of Jason Motte
Along with his pitching skills
His beard grew a lot

V is for Verlander
Who threw some postseason heat
Hats off to the Rangers
Beating him was quite a feat

W is for Washington
The leader of the Rangers
With two AL penants
His job's not in danger

X is for X-Factors
Who gave opponents bitter pills to swallow
Freese and Napoli have done it
Who's next to follow?

Y is for Yankees
Watching the World Series from home
Looks like there's always next year
To taste some champagne foam

Z is for Rzepczynski
Because his name is pronounced like a 'Z'
If you've got a better Z word
That's news to me

So there's a look at postseason
We ran from A to Z
It seems like every pitch
Has been another sight to see

Today we play Game 6
With the weather on our side
And one thing is for sure
It's been a heck of a ride