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A field guide to Jose Reyes' favorite Twitter emojis

Continuing our series on the favorite text characters of various All-Star shortstops, we turn now to the cyber-flora and fauna that populate José Reyes' Twitter.

Reyes is expected to miss three months with a sprained left ankle, but that injury hasn't slowed @lamelaza_7 down -- at least not on the Internet. The Blue Jays shortstop is a prolific emoji user, with a full spice rack of baseballs, trophies, flames and smiley emoticons at his disposal. Here are four of his favorites.

The airplane (U+2708)

Is the number of airplanes used directly proportional to the length of the flight? If José mentions travel in tweet but doesn't include this emoji, how are we to know he isn't riding the rails, or commandeering a rigid airship?

The praying guy (U+2708)

Reyes' use of this emoji seems pretty straightforward -- it punctuates moments of humility and thankfulness. But according to Unicode's official character descriptions (yes, this exists), which the shortstop undoubtedly has memorized, this symbol is properly termed Person With Folded Hands: it indicates "sorrow," "regret" or "pleading."

Is everything OK, José?

The downward-pointing index finger (U+1F447)

We're not exactly sure what's going on here. At first we thought this finger emoji meant "#1," but the Unicode character that immediately precedes it (U+1F446) is an upwards-pointing finger much more fitting for that purpose. Could Reyes have been holding his phone upside down this entire time? The down-finger is also semantically distinct from the thumbs-up symbol, which he's included in some of the same tweets (see above).

José could be using this emoji to express something along the lines of "this right here," as he often employs it to introduce a link or photo. Or maybe its function is more abstract: the down-finger points the reader deeper and deeper into Reyes' timeline, creating an infinite recursion of tweets, each dependent on the last.

Probably the "this right here" thing.

The biceps (U+1F4AA)

This one might be self-explanatory:


-- Molly Fitzpatrick /

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