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A handy guide to catching a home run at the 2013 Home Run Derby

In just under two months, All-Star Weekend will return to Queens for the first time since 1964. And before you purchase tickets for the Home Run Derby, we ranked the top spots to catch a dinger at Citi Field.

Note: When Prince Fielder is up, take the 7 train back to Manhattan and hold out your mitt.

The Party City Deck. These seats sit in front of "the great wall of Flushing" are a mere 358-385 feet from home:


Just above the Party City deck is the left-field reserved section. 


Above the left-field reserved is the left-field landing. Not the best spot for snagging a souvenir, but a few memorable long balls have reached these parts:


The last section to focus on in left is the promenade box, but it's far


Moving into center field are the big apple reserved seats. Properly named after the big apple that pops up when a Met hits a home run, these seats will yield a few home runs. Although the seats are located between the 408 and 390ft mark, it's not totally out of the question that a few balls will find their way there.

To the right of the big apple seats is the infamous Shea Bridge. There are seats located in the Shea bridge section, but the spot where fans all over will flock to is right behind that section. The Shea Bridge itself does not feature any seats and will give the person who doesn't have a ticket in home run territory the opportunity to possibly snag a bomb.

Finally, in right field there is the Modell's clubhouse seats, where are essentially on the field. Another newly renovated part to the ballpark in 2012, these seats are considered prime real estate and for good reason. The majority of home runs hit to right field land in that spot.

The section just above the Modell's seats are the right field reserved. Although they're field level, they are tucked away and it'll perhaps take a long line drive laser homer to actually reach those seats.

However, the spot that everyone is going to want to be at is the one that was saved for last, the Pepsi Porch. Yes, the porch that slightly hangs over onto the field will without a doubt be prime home run real estate. With three sections being in fair territory, along with a standing section behind those seats, these would be the second best seats to catch a derby homer to the Party City Deck seats. There's your ballpark breakdown for the derby. Oh, and don't forget your glove!