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A look at 8 of the most interesting All-Star Game fashion statements

Players and fans showed off interesting All-Star Game attire

Sure, it may seem like All-Star Games are all about long home runs, GIF recaps and Michael Jeter, but in reality, they're all about ... THE FASHION. Here are 8 interesting statements we found in and around Target Field on Tuesday. 

Miggy Cabrera stylin' and profilin' in the All-Star Red Carpet Vine booth:

Giancarlo Stanton snapping selfies in a purple blazer like it wasn't nothin:


GQ Jeets (he's come a long way):


The recently-traded Jeff Samardzija donning a "National League" uniform during the introductions:


Josh Donaldson's neon armband/cleat combo -- just in case there was a post-game EDM concert to get to.


Joey Business:

Giant hats are so in:


And finally, hockey helmets/sweaters to a baseball game? 


Yes. That's fine. Remember who else hailed from Minnesota: