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A most boring birthday for one of MLB's least boring players: Yasiel Puig

Happy unexciting 24th birthday, Yasiel Puig

It is a sad fact of life that precisely zero birthdays after your 21st are exciting. They can be meaningful, sure. Possibly even memorable, for whatever reason. But once you've revolved around the sun for 21 years, you will not experience another exciting birthday. You simply endure the process of aging. 

That fact is even sadder when considering the birthdays of one of the Earth's most exciting humans: Yasiel Puig, who turns 24 years old Sunday.

We're talking about an MLB center fielder who inspires his own true-or-false quizzes. We're talking about a player who was a must-see before he'd even completed a full season. For crying out loud, Puig gets in tickle fights in the dugout:


And surrounds himself with puppies:

Beautifull dogs right now is the Stadium

A photo posted by puigyasiel (@puigyasiel) on

No one deserves the fate of unexciting birthdays post-21, but perhaps Puig least of all. Alas, one cannot shirk fate.

Still, happy birthday, Yasiel. We hope it's a good one, even if it's not exciting.

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